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Some reviews of people who wrote in after listening to EthnaMorte live or on CD!
Thank you to each and every single one of you!

“Prepare to have your mind blown right out the back of your head: EthnaMorte is eclectic music, and certainly not for the narrow minded. But if you want something that ooooozes with ethnic authenticity of an inspired nature, you must check this band out. I like the hand percussion and the harmonic-minor sounding riffing. EthnaMorte really got my brains moving today, and they reminded me how cool ethnic and hand percussion can sound.”

“Just heard your band. I’m impressed! Great creativity and feeling! Congratulations, good work! Recommended to who seeks a tribal but introspective sound!”

“Perfect background music for when I need to paint something”

“You do not write songs but pleasurable trips that start somewhere but are not understood till the journey ends, when all makes lots of sense and the beauty is even more”.

“EthnaMorte is a mission through many facets! I cannot explain it – one has to see EthnaMorte to understand the extent of what I want to express but can’t find words to!”

“You sound like Nile without distortion! Pretty strange stuff, but all in a good sense!”

“Coming from a metal background, I am used to extreme stuff so there are few artists out there who shock me. But you guys did, simply as you guys are nuts! But in a good way. And you surprised me even more as I never expected to be shocked by a world music band”

“I feel so fulfilled to have by chance discovered your band tonight. You were definitely the most adventurous of all bands on the bill, & you deserve to go places”

“Nice gig! I liked EthnaMorte, dunno if it was coz I was baked outta my mind and had some ol craft hen, but the music, as crazy az it was, was brilliant!”

“I was excited to re-listen to your old band Sceptocrypt & stand as before a fan of your good ideas! Maybe now with EthnaMorte these ideas are arranged even better and in a more mature way.”

“Thank you for giving this new sound to London. I feel happy inside”

If anyone is interested to share some words about how EthnaMorte music makes you feel, feel free to post here!

How does EthnaMorte sound to you?
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