Who is Who behind the Scenes?

EthnaMorte would like to thank the following individuals for their help over the years.

Twan Sibon, Brutalism, website, logo/emblem, flyers’ & CD artwork & design!
Doug Burgess, website architecture & development
Alina Laureola & Hannah Mi, dancers
Naz Akara & Sanna Jarl-Hansson, stage artworks
Venus Raven, performance artist
Alberto Matuozzo & Michael Sledge, helping hands before/at live gigs
Rooz Emad, Melina Schuster, Ashley Naismith, Mario Cassar, Krisztian Sipos & Tony Pantelis, photos
Francesco Sciaraffa, photos & video
Vito X-One, photos & backdrop graphics
Martin Dimech, video
Eljay Lambert , videos & band crew – check out his own band Death Remains
Chris Bonello NeeGee, Calling All Tribes logo & flyer design. Check his page for his very own music & vids.
Dave Alan Caruana, Cru2 Hosting Services, website hosting

… and last but definitely not least, Mrs Cutispoto Di Lullo, whose ever delicious spaghetti meatballs have seen us through our early days as happily fed musos! Il-Alla!

Furthermore, here follow other links in a way or other related to EthnaMorte.

Cool Gool Music music theory, guitar, ukulele & bass lessons by our own El Gool
Unus Quod Insane El Gool’s one-man abrasive experimental project
SANdBLASTING, the industrial musician who metamorphosed our Belt is-Seher track into Tissabbat M’Alla Remix
UnaspectedStudios, the studio behind our latest Calling All Tribes release

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