“Any regular listener of the MMI podcast knows that I am always keen to include material that uses the Maltese language in one way or another. No surprise then in having the UK-based Ethnamorte return to the podcast again, this time with a tune called Belt is Se?er featuring guitarist Malcolm Callus, who is better known as Gool. I should probably also include one of his non-Ethnamorte recordings someday soon.”

– Toni Sant, Muzika Mod Iehor (Jul 25, 2009)

“A group who seem to take influences from just about anywhere, ”

“Mi ha fatto moltissimo piacere riascoltare la tua vecchia band e sono ancora convinto della validit delle vostre idee. Forse ora con Ethnamorte si vede che queste idee sono arrangiate decisamente meglio ed in manier pi matura.”

– Sebastiano Leoni, Koito Zine (Aug 30, 2011)

“Nice gig! I liked EthnaMorte, dunno if it was coz I was baked outta my mind and had some ol craft hen, but the music, as crazy az it was, was brilliant! ”

– Bongwater, UK Thrash (May 12, 2008)

“EthnaMorte, a world music unit with a difference (Flamenco, bossa nova, arab, etc meets dark noir, drone and tribal, all in a multi-lingual theatrical stance with healthy doses of avant-garde jazz) shall be performing for the 1st time ever on Maltese shores on the 6th November during an evening called Calling All Tribes! The evening shall include their guitarist El Gool who will also present his solo project Unus Quod Insane (a rarity even in London) and vocalist GuerillaMan will run a reggae afterparty till the morning hours. ”

– The Editor, Sunday Circle (Sep 28, 2011)

“The name sounds rather sinister, but it is simply a front for a musical collective with a tantalising taste for blending different cultures and genres. Calling itself a world music act with jazz interests, Ethnamorte’s sound embraces a collection of different types of music from all four corners of the world, hence “ethna”. The “morte” element is a direct reference to the end of musical confines through the exploration of different genres a concept that was reflected in the various tracks the band recorded in 2008, namely Jogo Cego (in Portuguese), Belt is-Se?er (in Maltese) and a combination of English & Italian on A Different Shade Of Beauty, the Perfect Shade of Madness. Despite its low-key release, the album placed second in Reverb Nation’s 2010 end-of-year world music charts. Currently working on its second album, Ethnamorte, will be performing in Malta in November atV-Gen, a set that the band promises will offer Latin and Moorish jazz with an experimental ”

– Michael Bugeja, The Times of Malta (Aug 21, 2011)

“This UK-based band released a CD album entitled Sombra de um Mundo atras do Vidro, which is Portugese for “Shadow of a World behind Glass”. These sounds give today’s podcast half an air of world muzak fusion but I honestly find Ethnamorte’s quirky approach quite mesmerizing.”

– Toni Sant, Muzika Mod Iehor (May 01, 2010)


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