Alina Laureola – Multi-form dancer + vocals

First appearing with EthnaMorte back in 2009 (view pics here), international performer, teacher & choreographer Alina Laureola returns in full grace for Project Alpha Omega Alpha.

Alina has been dancing all of her life, experimenting with different dance styles, and teaching both men and women of all ages, from elderly to pre-natal groups. This via her Laureola Format – an efficient dance teaching method which allows students to learn dance thoroughly and safely, while helping them achieve significant results in the shortest period of time.

Founder of Laureola Dance School, Alina’s creed is that dance has the power to bring people together, promoting its positive impact on society’s wellbeing through education and performance.

Break the boundaries. Believe. Find Yourself.

And with EthnaMorte that is what Alina actually does – she experiments with a unique dance tailored for EthnaMorte performances – free as a bird, switching between traditional dance to performance live theatre dance – as fast as a feather, as sweet as a lullaby, yet also dangerously captivating!

On 25th May 2014 during Project αΩα Act 2, Alina will also appear as a vocalist, featuring in new EthnaMorte material recorded in the studio in April 2014 for a later release. Come welcome Lady Macabrabelle!

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