Xiaoying Chang – gu-zheng, backing vocals, hand percussions & ocarina

Chinese born Xiaoying Chang is the latest musician in the EthnaMorte camp.

Having played the guzheng since age 4, she undertook formal musical education at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. At age 13, she got her 10th grade Guzheng certificate, and subsequently went on to win a number of music competitions across Shanghai. Having moved to London in her early 20s, she now teaches guzheng as a one-to-one tutor.

Xiaoying’s musical interests originate within Chinese classical music, but expand, with an amount of curiosity and passion alike, into exploring avant-garde music with this very old and traditional Chinese musical instrument of hers, the guzheng.

Recently she joined EthnaMorte as a special guest, experimenting in blending western and oriental musics together. What appeals to her about EthnaMorte’s sound is the unpredictability and switching musical tangents varying moments within each song bring along, a journey she predominantly paints with the guzheng, but occasionally even with backing vocals, hand percussions & ocarina.

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