Guerilla Man – Main Vocals, Acting & Percussions

Ex-percussionist & vocalist for Dread Inna Babylon, one of Italy’s most renowned reggae acts still active to date and having along the years shared stages with Ziggy Marley, Israel Vibration, Antony B, etc., appearing at festivals such as the Rototom Reggae Sun Splash, Guerilla Man’s alter-ego has seen him take up theatre studies in his teenage years at Teatro Studio Dauno La Bottega dell’Attore. Here he read for and got awarded a diploma in Corporeal Mime for a course held by no other than Yves Lebreton of l’Ecole de Decroux (Paris), himself student of Marcel Marceau, mime extraordinaire who founded a theatre art form that then became popularized by his contemporary and more known Charlie Chaplin.

In addition, he undertook a diploma in Italian diction by Guglielmo Rossini (speaker/ director for Rai Radio Tre).

As a soloist, he released 1 album under the name of About Jamaican Project. He also contributed as Guerilla Man & Shot Fire Band to the compilation Tribute to Jamaica.

In 2008 he moved to London and met El Gool at a gabba party via his brother Edweirdo, a very sought after industrial music DJ from A brief conversation and a drink or two later, it soon became evident that their many musical interests could potentially grow into something, so Guerilla Man was invited to an EthnaMorte rehearsal.

World citizen first and foremost, Guerilla Man’s Italian roots are indeed very traceable when one places him in the kitchen.

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