El Gool – guitars, glissentar, loops, vocals, bass & synths

Co-founder of EthnaMorte back in Nov 2007, RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors, London College of Music, University of West London) accredited full-time music tutor El Gool moved to London in early 2007 with 2 guitars. Now owning 6 guitars, 1 glissentar & 2 basses to allow him experimentation with different tunings, Malcolm “El Gool” Callus was musically educated mostly in Malta under the expert tutelage of Mro. Tony Pace, Mro. Carmelo Schembri, Mro. Gordon Zammit, and Tribali’s Jean Pierre Zammit.

In 1998 he assembled a demo for Berklee College of Music and won a sponsorship. Tutored by shred guitarist Joe Stump and a handful of others, he became accredited with Honours at the end of the course.

An adversary to musical comfort zones by choice, Malcolm’s creed has always had art at the forefront of change not conformity to tradition. From his main act hybrid death metal SCEPTOCRYPT to his dark trip-hop project WOUND to other stuff he collaborated to over the years, as can be viewed at malcolmcallus.com

As a journalist, Malcolm is probably most known as ex-editor/DJ for his own Rancid Soup zine & radio show, and reviewing contributor for both Black Death Zine (Sydney, Australia) and metal portal brutalism.com!

As an event organizer, he ran Malta-based ruthless event organization Bisoul Promotions for over 10 years.

He also held a position as main guitar tutor at Euro Academy of Music & Arts, Malta. In London, he runs his own music tuition company Cool Gool Music.
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