Naz Akara – Farsi vocals + live artworks

Hypnotherapist, painter & healer Naz Akara comes to EthnaMorte as a bridge to transmit the band’s sonic imprint also using other senses that touch the audience’s soul!

Having spent most of her life communicating ideas in the form of music, colour and form (like paintings, sculpture and other forms of media), British/Iranian Naz Akara has been invited by EthnaMorte to sing in Farsi & to contribute through different media as to enhance the Project Alpha Omega Alpha experience to the audience.

To put it in her own words, “We all are brought up with a certain belief system that starts from our origin and family, that derives a certain political behaviour to different societies and everyday people that we come across. Any subjects from scrutinies to structural mannerisms that are placed in our behaviour since we were children to when we are independent in society. It is the way we bring this effect with other people and surroundings that I try to depict in my work.”

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